Diabetes concerns the whole family

Do you have a family member that is diabetic? Then it is vital that you consider looking at the disease as the whole family. Often we see patients that are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes yet find it impossible to

Can you see the colours?

Ever wondered what these funny looking charts are used for? They are called Ishihara charts. Dr Shinobu Ishihara introduced them in 1917—almost 100 years ago—the most well-known color blindness test. Each of his tests consists of a set of colored

What are the best Vitamins for your eyes ?

Diminishing eye sight seems inevitable with age but what if you could hold on to good vision for longer? In this day and age leading a healthy lifestyle has become difficult and lets all admit most of us do not

Are your eyes tired after working on digital devices all day ? Here is why.

Do you work on computers and digital devices all day and feel tired and exhausted after a day’s work?  Here is why …We are all leading more and more a Digital life and from early morning until late at night

Drivers License vision screening – How does it work ?

Press release  14 May 2014 – South African Optometric Association. Driver licence vision screening. Many South Africans see their 5 yearly vision screening at the traffic department as the bench mark of eye care. Legislation states (Regulation 102) that any

Frequent use of Eyedrops

Do you use eye drops frequently? Using eye drops whenever you feel a bit of discomfort may not be a good idea. There are several conditions that can be treated with eye drops but all of the drops come with


I have Astigma….whaaat? Our patients are often baffled when they hear this. It is called Astigmatism and it is not a disease or contagious. It is just a very common condition of the eye that causes blurred or distorted vision

Whip out the Sunglasses..Summer is here

It is another stunning day here in the Mother City , the sun is out and summer is on its way – Whip out the sunscreen and those sunglasses . If you don’t have a pair go and get one


Have you ever noticed those tiny flecks or spots that seem to appear aimlessly floating around in your field of vision? These specks are called floaters. They are more visibly when looking at the clear sky or a white screen.


What is an Anti Reflection coating?

Patients often don’t know what an anti-reflection coating is and if they do they seem to remember it as “the anti-glare thing”. I often hear “it just comes off” or it “makes my glasses dirty”. There is a lot of