Got a new prescription and feel you cant see?

So you got your new spectacles but feel that you still can’t see as well as expected or even feel that you can see better with your old spectacles? Here is why : Everyone is different and adapts differently .

Does your eye twitch from time to time?

Have you ever had a twitch in your eye?  Most people develop a minor eyelid twitch at some point in their lives. The causes include: Fatigue, Stress, Caffeine. This minor form of twitch is painless and harmless. It usually goes

Glass Vs Plastic Lenses

To my surprise I often get asked about glass lenses. Interestingly many people still seem to consider glass as an option for spectacle lenses as they have the wrong idea about technology of spectacle lenses these days.

In short my answer

Ready Readers YAY or NAY

We hear it every day …. “ Oh I just need a plus one  or maybe a one point five for reading “ “ No I didn’t have an eye test” A lot of the times we have patients walk

Do you wear contact lenses? Ever wondered why we ask you to come back for a test every year?

Vision is one of the most precious of our senses – and we at Brian Roos Optician would like to make sure that you have good eye sight at all times. Please bear with us when we ask you to

What does 20/20 vision actually mean?

During an eye exam, your eye practitioner will ask you to find the smallest line of text letters that you can make out, and ask you to read it. If you can read the bottom row of letters, your visual

Protective Eye Wear

Your eye sight is precious and needs to be protected at all costs. Sight threatening injuries are more common than you think and could be avoided by wearing the correct safety eye wear at all times. We offer the following

Kids and Eye Patches

Ever wondered why you see some kids with eye patches? Here is your answer. It is treatment for a lazy eye or a condition called amblyopia. A lazy eye or Amblyopia is when the vision in one eye is insufficiently

Why you should get your decorative contact lenses from your optometrist only.

Halloween is on our doorstep and we get many enquiries about decorative contact lenses. We are very strict about our patients having a consultation before purchasing the lenses. Many people do not understand why because they say  …” but it’s

Are you a rubber?

Are you a rubber? Do you often have sore, red and itchy eyes?  Be it from allergies or due to stress and/or being tired chances are : You are a rubber.  It is the most natural response, be it with