Volunteer Wildfire Services and Cocoons OveRx sunwear

After the devastating fires that raged through the Cape in March this year we decided to give back to those who tirelessly fought for us @vwsfires Volunteer Wildfire Services We were blessed to receive immediate support from Live Eyewear Cocoons @CocoonsEyewear . Together we donated 20 !! pairs of Cocoons OveRx to our heros. We put together various sizes fitted with the Yellow lens.Yellow is a unique lens that is very effective in low ambient light conditions. With 27% LT, it transmits the most light of any of our polarized tints. It is not a good general purpose tint because it can be too intense when worn in bright light, but it is an extremely popular lens when worn in conditions where the level of visible light is greatly reduced, such as dusk and dawn or poor lighting conditions such as in the middle of a raging fire. The lens’ unique “highlighting” effect makes objects “light up”, greatly improving visual acuity in low light conditions additionally acting as protective gear.
It was great to meet Patrick Ryan from the VWS in person to hand over our donation.
Our fire fighters are volunteers and rely solely on Donations. please check out their website to see how you can help. http://www.vws.org.za/