Kids and Eye Patches

Ever wondered why you see some kids with eye patches? Here is your answer. It is treatment for a lazy eye or a condition called amblyopia. A lazy eye or Amblyopia is when the vision in one eye is insufficiently developed. If left untreated the vision will never develop properly. Early detection and treatments are only possible if kids have their eyes checked at an early stage.
There are two main causes for a lazy eye
One is when one eye has better vision than the other and the brain starts to ignore the images coming from the eye that sees poorly. The brain literally shuts the eye down as to avoid “mixing” images.
The second is, ocular misalignment or a squint. This is when one eye turns inwards or outwards and the eyes cannot focus together. The misalignment causes double vision which in turn causes the brain to ignore the images from the misaligned eye.
Most commonly the Lazy Eye is treated by “patching up” the good eye and forcing the brain to use the “bad” eye. The patch needs to be worn diligently even though this can be difficult at times and must be worn over a period of time which needs to be monitored by the eye specialist.
Amblyopia is easily treated if detected early. It is now recommended to have eye exams at 6 Months and 3 years as well as before starting school for early detection
The vision will start improving if treated early enough and most children will regain vision.