Got a new prescription and feel you cant see?

So you got your new spectacles but feel that you still can't see as well as expected or even feel that you can see better with your old spectacles? Here is why : Everyone is different and adapts differently . Some will put on their new spectacles and have that great "aha" moment , others might feel disappointed that it doesn't feel like HD vision immediately. The latter is more common than you think and is completely normal. The brains visual centre has to adapt to the different and new prescription  with its improved visual conditions. It impacts first time wearers but also people that have had a change in prescription and/ or a new frame , or new kind of lenses.

It is a matter of consistently wearing the new spectacles without flip flopping between an old pair and the new pair , so that the brain and the eyes can get used to them.

My advice :

Don't wait to long between eye tests, especially if you are over 40. 2 Years at the most, otherwise the "jump" from one prescription to the new one can be too high and also cause visual discomfort.

If you suffer from chronic disease or are over 60years of age , you should have an eye test annually . These exams can also determine any changes in the eye and even detect illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure .

So just be persistent and try your new spectacles as often as possible. be patient with yourself and within  no time you will be used to your new prescription

Yours in Eye Care Madhu