Do you wear contact lenses? Ever wondered why we ask you to come back for a test every year?

Vision is one of the most precious of our senses – and we at Brian Roos Optician would like to make sure that you have good eye sight at all times. Please bear with us when we ask you to come in once a year for your contact lens examination. We are obliged, by law to make sure

  1. Your prescription is up to date
  2. Your eyes are healthy – underneath the contact lenses

We often hear: “My eyes are fine ““I can see fine” but what you don’t see are possible microscopic complications that can only be detected by a thorough eye examination. By doing so we can help prevent complications going forward with contact lens wear.

Please remember a contact lens is a foreign body in your eye, often worn up to 16hrs a day (yes some people do, and NO we do not recommend it). This can cause abnormal blood vessel growth related to lack of oxygen or even adverse reactions to the contact lens itself

So it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. Contact lenses are medical devices and the prescription for them is only valid for a year for a good reason. We want you to wear contact lenses with no complications and for a long time.  So next time you are told that you need to come in for a check-up before we order your contact lenses – please bear with us , as we only have your eye health in mind

Yours in eye care