Are your eyes tired after working on digital devices all day ? Here is why.

Do you work on computers and digital devices all day and feel tired and exhausted after a day’s work?  Here is why …We are all leading more and more a Digital life and from early morning until late at night we are using all kinds of digital devices, for work as well as for recreation. Think about laptops, tablets, smartphones and televisions. As we access most of these devices at a short distance, our eyes are increasingly exposed to the light emitted by the screens of those devices. Moreover, this requires our eyes to switch continuously between photos, illustrations and text or follow moving images.

Research has shown that more than 34% spend 4 to 6 hours a day with digital devices, while 14% even spends between 10 and 12 hours a day.

It is therefore not surprising that more and more people complain about:

• Red and irritated eyes

• Dry eyes

• Blurred vision

• Fatigue

• Back, neck and shoulder pain

• Headaches

And Insomnia

This is caused by Blue light

LCD and LED computer and television screens, smartphones, tablets and GPS devices all emit blue light, also known as high energy visible light.  As the quality of such screens improves continuously, their blue light emission is increasing. Although blue light in itself is a natural phenomenon – it is present in daylight and helps us to stay awake – excessive amounts can have an adverse effect and cause eye strain and fatigue.

A simple and effective solution is a coating that eliminates blue light.

Therefore a coating that controls the blue light

• Neutralises blue light, preventing from eye strain and fatigue

• Reduces glare for more comfortable and relaxed vision

• Better contrast perception, offering a more natural colour experience

Your eyes will be more relaxed and less tired after a long day spent working on computers

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Madhu Lohmaier